Dar Al Islam Mosque

Prior to the nationwide countercultural movement of 1969 and popular events such as Woodstock and the “Summer of Love,” several small networks of individuals established the intellectual and institutional framework that made this movement possible. 

One of these networks included a set of coastal academics who experimented in psychedelics, found new gateways into spirituality, and quit their colleges to share more broadly what they had found. They converged in Taos—establishing the Lama Foundation in 1967. In the years that followed, this group became the leaders of a movement, and New Mexico figured strongly in their direction. 

One the Lama founders, Abdullah Nooruddeen Durkee, converted to Islam in 1972 and began cultivating an Islamic community in this region. In 1980, he established the Dar-al Islam Foundation and in 1985, the Foundation hired famous Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy to establish a mosque in Abiquiu. The mosque opened in 1981 and continues operations to this day.