Agent Recovery—Albuquerque

We got a tip from someone in the HQI that they accidentally lost three of their agents inside the Continuum. They were trying to “Stabilize” time, but then time swallowed them.

We don’t trust the HQI, but we don’t want anyone to get lost. If we can help them, we probably should. Especially since it seems they were trying to fix our mistake when they got lost. Because their mustering spot (the Crystal Dove) was recently swallowed by history, our source told us they will be making a public announcement in March 2019—in the Two Way Street newspaper.

The last recording of the Agents before they were lost—in the now-swallowed Crystal Dove mustering location.

To participate, you will need:

  • Half a day in Albuquerque

  • A car

  • A smartphone

  • Walking abilities