Endless Summer—Ghost Ranch

Way back before we broke the Eye, we went to Ghost Ranch with Lana while she was making her podcast (Beyond the Fifth) to see if there might be any clues about why Siegfried was acting so weird and not talking to us.

Then all the crazy stuff happened with the Eye, and we haven’t made it back to see what the letter might mean…

Maybe you could visit Ghost Ranch for us and check it out?

After Corina vanished, Siegfried told us that when he was about our age, the HQI recruited him into a program meant to train time travelers from an early age. This program was called the “Teen Time Force,” and they met yearly in ‘thin places’ around the world until they disbanded in 2010. He always used to say if we wanted to understand him better, we should visit the site of the first Teen Time Force meeting: Ghost Ranch.
— Daryl

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