Map of Time—Abiquiu

A self-guided tour at the Abiquiu Inn

This is where we broke Siegfried and Corina’s “Eye” time machine (and ultimately, broke time itself).

Apparently, Siegfried anticipated that we would do this, because he had the Cartographer write an ornate, hand-drawn map so you could reassemble the machine.

The map ($10 at the O’Keefe: Welcome Center gift shop) is the initial key by which you can discover—and then unlock the meaning within—more than 20 time-sensors and nodes hidden throughout the Abiquiu Inn campus.

The way you decode the map and installations will assist your interpretation of a nearby exhibition of primary, archival historical sources we’ve pieced together from our chaotic travels through time. These sources describe the ongoing history of Abiquiu and surrounding areas.

Plan your Visit

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Please help us put the Continuum back together. I know the Cartographer’s map is strangely suspicious, but it’s the best tool we’ve got. We promise it will be fun; the experience alone is sure to change the way you SEE the place.

And the adventure does not end there...