Agent Recovery: Briefing

To locate the missing agents, you will need to find their Commboxes.

You will find these Commboxes throughout Albuquerque, at the present-day locations for the agents’ SpatioTemporal assignments.

CommBox - 1 (1).jpg

Commboxes look like this

Please: CLOSE and LATCH after use!

Read each agent’s assignment carefully, and use context clues to find their locations:



Thirty five years from now, this South Valley Wilderness Area should be a thriving ecosystem and respite from urban life. The present-day visitor’s center, with it’s mural-painted courtyard, will likely be relocated by that time. Start in that courtyard, agent, and work your way forward through time…



The Works Progress Administration funded several projects in Albuquerque during the depression, including the West San Jose elementary school in Barelas. The school no longer exists, and the building has been converted into a library and a restaurant–as part of a cultural center. But we need you to travel back, agent, to the time when children used to play beside the eastern wall of the school, along the old Camino Real, a.k.a. fourth street.

Agent Chrono - 1.jpg


<ALERT> This agent left their CommBox behind! However, this agent checked out a book entitled The Pueblo Food Experience from our library. They may try to hot-wire this book and send their message through its pages. Check local booksellers in the North Valley (Griegos and Rio Grande) where this agent traveled. <ALERT>

Next, you will need to find their touchstone.

Below is the entry for ‘Touchstone’ from the HQI’s Aevum Surveillance manual. We hope this helps you find the rock:

When a number of agents get scattered throughout time, they can regroup at a common rendezvous location–where they can send an ad-hoc beacon through the Continuum and call for HQI rescue. This beacon, often carved into a rock, is the Touchstone.

Their rendezvous location, (the location where rescuers will find the touchstone), is to be found by combining all three clues, one for each agent, into one set of directions. Each clue, taken individually, leads nowhere. It is only when you weave the clues together that you can find the Touchstone.

When you find the Touchstone, train your HP Reveal App (remember: follow “Agent Recovery”) on the HQI-insigia in the rock’s center. This will trigger a window into the agents’ spatio-temporal location, and give them a way back home.

Download the HP Reveal App below:

After you have Activated the touchstone,

It should give you a password.

Click the button below and Submit The Password:

if you get lost…

Submit your questions here and we will get back to you ASAP with more clues.