As a community-based collective, no one person can take full credit for anything we make. The following list represents our collaborators and institutional partners.

Individual Collaborators

Devon Hoffman—Director, Actor, Writer, Etc.

Ommar Bribiesca—Lead Designer, Installation, Etc.

Whitney Jones—Steering Committee, Actor, Podcast, Etc.

Will Donahoo—Steering Committee, Actor, Etc.

Renee Lopez—Steering Committee, Actor

Sarah McNeill—Steering Committee, Actor

Linda Seebantz—Steering Committee


Mario Garcia—Actor

Kellie Rogers—Actor

Lupita Salazar—Actor

Jordan Trimarchi—Actor

Hope Kogod—Illustrator, ARG Design

Helly Manson—Writer, ARG Design

Nate Zivin—Sound design

Andrew Furse—Installation

Magdelena Marcos-McNeill—Actor, etc.

Isaac Lopez—Actor, etc.

Desmond Garcia—Actor, etc.

Max Garcia—Actor, Designer, etc.

Jose Pexinho—Actor, etc.

Tristan Rogers—Actor, etc.

Madeline Teague—Actor, etc.

Javier Lovato—Cinematography

Javier Gil—Web Design

Courtney Cross—Sculpture artist

Craig Borner—Sculpture artist

Cassidy Richison—Musician

Jonah Hoffman—Installations and art

Kelly Davis—Historian

Ted Koetter—Actor

Joshua Roybal—Sound design

Andy Carson Brown—ARG Design

Institutional Partners

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