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Hello travelers. My name is Siegfried, the Eyes of Time company director. I would like to welcome you to time. We have a long way to go—to past, present, future, and beyond. No longer do you need to look at the world through limited temporality. Using our Eye technology, you can SEE the true embrace of the Continuum, the totality of its membrane. We aren’t saying the adventure will be easy. But it will be extraordinary breathtaking, beautiful. Beyond that, it will reveal your belonging to more of this universe—more <i>than</i> this universe—than you could ever even imagine. But I get ahead of myself. There is much initiation before you are ready for such revelations. The first thing to do, is to begin—and begin again, and again, and again. Begin, through us, until you’ve begun all moments with new Eyes: birthing ascendant genesis for our entire dimension.
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    <p>[XXX visionary // visibility // obscure // revelatory which uses multimedia to guide visitors through the history of Northern New Mexico. We are opening our first phase—an interactive map with 21 installations that help reveal a variety of primary sources––at the Abiquiu Inn this upcoming June 8, 2018, for only $10! Describe the technology of the Eye so visitors are oriented. The extra Node and Sensor are technologies Corina and I added to filter our vision: these categories attempt to answer the following two questions:  When we use an Eye to SEE into time, what distorts our view? What, of these, would cause so much distortion, that our view explodes the Eye?
NODES [HISTORY THEMES] "Which questions reveal the essence?”
Education: In what ways have we learned how to SEE and why? How might we learn or unlearn something, to change our view?
Movement: What motivates us to SEE? How does our view define our path through time?
Art: How do we express ourselves through what we SEE? How do we create what we SEE?
Nature: How does nature serve to distort what we SEE? Should we control and change nature so we can SEE clearly? But what are we trying to SEE, if not nature?
SENSORS [HISTORY FOCUS] "These questions raise new questions"
Heritage: The temporal lineage of a point of view.
Law: The boundaries surrounding a point of view.       
Inspiration: The mystical experiences informing a point of view.
Survival: The way life depends on a point of view. Each node category and sensor subcategory is relevant to the past, present, and future.  The key is not chronology, but essence.
We had extraordinary experiences. We, meaning: Siegfried. 
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Meaning our patrons, the Highly Qualified Individuals. Meaning, all of us. What does meaning mean, in the light of an experience so far outside who we are? The Continuum swallowed us with all history. From the other side, we heard an invitation. Other worlds were calling, for diplomacy. We became afraid, having seen our destiny, having seen the Schism and the violence of the multiverse—a mirror of our own history! We returned to our selves on this side, but we could no longer be who we had been. We had to SEE again. Are you also trying to SEE? Are you one of we? If so, look—into the Eyes of Time. XXX]