Breaking the Eye

The Eyes of Time (EOT) began as a youth group, started by HQI members Siegfried and Corina under the model of our long-disbanded the Teen Time Force. These leaders volunteered their time to training a new generation for Continuum travel. However, since Corina’s disappearance in January 2018 (more on that, in following reports), Siegfried has been gradually transforming the EOT into a for-profit tourism company.

It seems that in the process of this transformation, the youth felt abandoned. Understandably, because one of their leaders (Corina) had inexplicably disappeared, and their other leader (Siegfried) was singularly obsessed about his massive, public, profit-based project and he had done nothing to console or reassure them.

The youth of the EOT–at last fed up with their absent leaders–stole the time-machine ‘Eye,’ attempting to activate it for themselves. It was not long before they had broken that Eye, and with it, our entire Continuum. Now the EOT company has ‘launched,’ it is essential that everyone knows the story of this travesty and what can be done to prevent the ripple effects from spreading.