A Far-Between Caretaker Fortress

What follows is footage from what looks like a Caretaker fort, set up in the Far-Between. The youth of the Eyes of Time, presumably after breaking Siegfried and Corina’s time-traveling Eye, were transported to this fort where they were admonished by a Caretaker that their act had broken our Continuum, and they had to fix it by fighting Dismantlers.

This is a grievous breach of the neutralization treaties the HQI signed with the Caretakers and Dismantlers. These treaties are meant to maintain neutrality around our dimension and its surrounding Far Between. This is a mutually-beneficial and binding agreement, so why would the Caretakers take these action except for the most myopic reasons?

The HQI has dispatched several time-travelers into the Continuum breaches throughout Northern New Mexico, and although they were already aware of opportunistic attacks, what concerns us about this fortress is that it seems to be a long-term campaign to undermine our dimension’s diplomatic security. How can we be prepared for an assault from the worlds beyond, of that scale and preparation?