Corina saves the day

In this our final surveillance video, the youth escape the shards of the Continuum. Cindy and Gregory have found their friends, bringing them back to the well where the Dismantler first pushed Ace. Ace is still holding on inside this well, on the edge between our dimension and the Far Between. The youth do not know how to get her out, but Corina (an HQI affiliate who recently vanished into the Far Between) appears through the ether and pushes each of them back to the safety of the present moment.

Turns out Corina has been in the Far Between this whole time! Aside from the grievous breach of protocol, this represents a fantastic breakthrough in Eye technology potential.

How did she do it?

Well, the fact she left Siegfried behind might be a clue. We all know he is a difficult person for anyone to get along with, but Corina was never one to completely abandon someone for a difficult personality. She is more flighty than she holds grudges, and she only flies if she has something worth flying to. Maybe, she had an incentive…to use the Eye and propel into a one-way trip beyond our Continuum.

Anyhow, it’s not like she’s pioneered a space in the Far Between enough that she believes it safe for the kids. She takes great pains in this video to ensure that they remain in their own dimension, in their own time. This makes us believe that whatever she’s out there to get, it’s for her alone.