Decomposing folds of time

As Lola and Ty wander in search of their friends, they spot something strange: a wooly mammoth! And then, a Dismantler eating that mammoth! As the shocked girls try to make sense of what they are seeing, Gregory emerges through the Continuum and insists that they follow him. Ace has fallen into a hole, he says, and they need to save her.

The video picks up an image of a fence here, a seeming anachronism since this video was supposedly captured in a prehistoric moment. But before we jump to any cynical conclusions, we must first remember what composes the Continuum. The Continuum, our sense of time, is made of all the potential moments our dimension creates. It is a membrane that eats the potentiality emerging from every moment as its food, devouring all the things our dimension could be to justify exactly what our dimension is.

This is a radical difference from the way most humanity currently imagines time. Even among the most advanced thinkers, time remains the result of entropy: when the present moment breaks down to feed the future, it cannot be recovered and is therefore the past. Yet the truth is more interesting: although entropy does decompose our moments, it does not feed the future to become the past. Rather, the entropy feeds the entire dimension. Time is the shape of our dimension after every moment has been broken down–it is the echo, the memory, the ghost, the prophesy.

The decomposing present has folded over the decomposed past: When informed by our youths’ a present full of fences, the past will retroactively reflect these fences. A wooly mammoth that may have run free in dimension before our Continuum contained this moment, now finds itself constrained like cattle on the range.

Given the folding and decomposing nature of time, we can infer the goal the Dismantler had here when it devoured the mammoth. We know these Dismantlers believe most of the Continuua separating our dimensions are built upon false constructs imposed by the dimensions’ self-aware beings. They wish to eliminate the bulk of time-material so each dimension shines a pure and luminous beside the unfailing power of the Between Zone. In other words, they want to do away with all our self-aware pretensions so we can finally receive the natural power of the universe.