Dismantler Aggression

Daryl and Moby were walking for some time along dirt roads before they came upon this little farm. We selected this segment because it was the most action-packed few minutes of the entire surveillance. When the two boys discovered the farm, they also happened upon a Dismantler. Daryl tried to fight the Dismantler but it simply swallowed his arm.

This is when Cindy showed up, after running away from the Dismantler when it pushed Ace into that hole (see previous blog) and threw some rocks at it. However, it seems what Moby had been doing quietly on the side throughout this drama was what made the difference. What does it mean, that he built a tower of rocks?

The house in this video belongs to an artist, to one of the group who helped to establish the Abiquiu Studio Tour. Here the Dismantler must have been attracted to the house because of how the artist was coagulating components of the Continuum. Like a fly to a wound, this place held the greatest concentration of our dimensional material.

Daryl and Cindy attacked the Dismantler in the conventional way: With fists, by throwing rocks. But Moby, in a stroke of inspiration, collected the rocks around the artist’s house and built them up. This simple act was enough to banish the Dismantler (although apparently not enough to defeat it).

What is it about this inspired assemblage that causes this creature to turn back? Paradoxically, Moby is acting like an artist here, and an artist’s aberrations were exactly what attracted the Dismantler to the house in the first place. Could it be that the act of creation something that can protect us from the Schism, yet that same creation leaves us vulnerable?