Dismantler Attack?

Transported into a past time (1860AD) Ace, Cindy, and Gregory find themselves on a Spanish-Colonial hacienda somewhere near the place in Abiquiu where they originally shattered the Eye. As they investigate the building, something happening inside one of the rooms startles them, and they run away. This is when they encounter an inter dimensional being who…pushed(?) Ace into a well. More than a well…she seems to be caught in a Between space.

They witnessed the territorial New Mexican practice of slavery. The Spanish Colonial powers pioneered the New Mexican territory partially because they needed more slaves to run their silver mines in central Mexico. Later, the Spanish monarchy made earnest attempts to quell the practice but by then the institution was ingrained and difficult to track. The EOT youth have come into the scene here, in 1860, in witness to the practice of this institution. What they saw, we can only guess at, but it was enough to send them running…

Although this is a pretty abnormal situation for our dimension, we were not surprised to find the Dismantlers appearing here. The Dismantlers, unlike the Caretakers, are (ostensibly) not a highly-centralized political group. They like to characterize themselves as the misfits and the allies of the oppressed. Perhaps this is why they appeared soon after an instance of slavery: they might see themselves as offering some amount of relief to our Continuum if they dismantle that aspect of our history.

What we find strange about this encounter, however, that instead of immediately rending apart the Continuum substance and returning it to the Far Between, this Dismantler engages with the youth. And when Ace confronts the Dismantler, it says that it wants them to teach, that it will help them…and then it seems to push her into the Between Zone.