What motivates us to ://SEE?

How does our view define our _path through time?

Movement Symbol.jpg


  1. Click on each sensor picture to reveal more information about its discovery.

  2. Choose one sensor below to include in your time machine.

  3. Mark this sensor with the “Movement” symbol (above) on your map.

  4. Use the Map of Time to find all the nodes and forge your Eye.


Sensor 1: Heritage

Website Sensors Heritage.jpg

Slavery in the Southwest

A recently-discovered, pervasive historical reality

Sensor 3: Survival

Website Sensors Survival.jpg

The “Armijo Route” of the Old Spanish Trail

A trailblazing trade route to Los Angeles

Sensor 2: Law

La Alianza Federal de Mercedes

A movement to regain local land rights

Sensor 4: Inspiration

Website Sensors Inspiration.jpg

Indigenous Identity

A fluid determination defined by many factors

Movement Schematic copy.jpg