The Zorinthines

These Zorinthines each uphold a different pillar of the world—the four archetypes that form the foundation of our Continuum. Preservers of unity, standard bearers for the essential, they can help us heal our broken history.

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Pillar: Movement

Rite: Turning the mill

Generations past, a Schism caused the worlds of the Far Between to fall into disarray. For a long time, the Zorinthines have been unable to maintain these pillars, but now is the time to reassert our purpose.

Pillar: Art

Rite: Tending the fire

Our people have been devastated, and with so many absorbed by the toxic power of the Schism it has not been easy finding new representatives to uphold our own pillars. There should be four of us.


Pillar: Education

Rite: Purifying the spring

We believe there are qualified candidates in your world. In fact, we are training one now. She has told us of this crisis in your Continuum…maybe we can help each other.